MX908 Beacon Product Video

Watch this video to see how MX908 Beacon can be deployed to provide remote area monitoring to provide real-time identification of airborne hazards.

MAVERICK: Raman-based Monitoring of Multiple Critical Parameters, Ready to Go in Minutes

MAVERICK is powered by Raman spectroscopy and purpose-built de novo model for simultaneous real-time measurements of multiple key process parameters in mammalian cell cultures without the costs, complexities, and risks of conventional methods.

MAVERICK: Monitoring of Multiple Bioprocess Parameters Right out of the Box

There’s no need to deal with complex empirical calibration models, reagents, or unreliable auto-sampling systems to implement in-line bioreactor monitoring.

Dan Bach Kristensen

ZipChip Customer Experience: Symphogen

Listen to Dan Bach Kristensen, a principal scientist at Symphogen, as he shares how ZipChip helps him with charge variant separation.

REBEL Customer Experience: Clemson University

Listen to Stephanie Klaubert, a graduate research assistant from Clemson University, as she shares how REBEL helps her with process development and cell culture optimization.

Conference Talk: Power Up Your Process Control (BPI 2022)

Graziella Piras spoke at BPI 2022 about how amino acids can present a goldilocks problem for bioprocessing: too little and they starve; too much and they favor growth over protein production.

MX Files – Episode 2: Destruction of Evidence

Watch this episode of the MX Files to see how the MX908 identified trace levels of residue left from drug evidence before it was destroyed.

Interview: The Unprecedented Potential of CE-MS for Proteomics

Recorded at ASMS 2022, Michael MacCoss from the University of Washington and Will Thompson from 908 Devices discuss how ZipChip is addressing key challenges in proteomics, and its potential in diagnostics, investigating bacterial proteomes, and metabolite analysis.

Interview: The Key to Unsolved Insights into RNA Characterization?

Recorded at ASMS 2022, Dan Fabris from the University of Connecticut shares his experience with RNA characterization using ZipChip.

Interview: Oligonucleotide Analysis with ZipChip at Boehringer Ingelheim

Recorded at ASMS 2022, Vladimir Papov shares his experience with oligo analysis using ZipChip.

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Whiteboard Explainer: Avoiding the Stickiness of Oligo Analysis

If you have worked with oligos before, you know this can be a challenging application. Fortunately, ZipChip offers a way to make workflows faster and easier.

MAVEN Product Video

MAVEN Product Video

If glucose and lactate measurements run your lab’s schedule, it’s time to meet MAVEN.

MX908 Product Video

MX Files – Episode 1 – Aerosolized Fentanyl

Join us for this episode of the MX Files featuring Canadian Decon Solutions and a story about an encounter with fentanyl.

Benefits of the MX908 with Aero

MX908 Demo – Trace Analysis of Suspected Explosive

MX908 Demo – Trace Analysis of Explosive Residue at an HME Lab

MX908 Demo – Trace Analysis of Suspect Vehicle

MX908 Demo – Trace RDX Demonstration

REBEL Product Video

Analysis Comparison of Fentanyl

MX908 Demo

Startup and Vapor Mode Demo

Trace Sampling Demo

Mission Mode Intro

Customer Experience: New England Biolabs

A Conversation with Sciex

A Conversation with Bruker

ZipChip. Put your mass into it

Application Experience: Native Analysis of mAbs and ADCs

Application Experience: Detergents

MX908 with Aero

DYK: ZipChip Can See Charge Variants In Degraded Antibodies?

Poster Chat: Spent Media Analysis of CHO

Do You Know ZipChip?

Rapid at-line nutrient profiling from an ammonia stressed CHO cell line

ZipChip Demo

ZipChip Booth Chat

Booth Chat

Demo Video

ZipChip Poster Chat

Application Experience: Oligonucleotides

Rapid analysis of amino acids, water soluble vitamins, biogenic amines and dipeptides in cell growth media

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