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MAVEN Brochure

MAVEN Brochure

MAVEN offers monitoring and control of glucose and lactate concentrations during cell culture and fermentation. Download this brochure to learn more.

Spent Media Analysis Kit Flyer

REBEL Spent Media Analysis Kits

The REBEL Spent Media Analysis (SMA) kit is designed to give you all the consumable components needed to run your samples quickly and move your projects forward faster.

MX908 Remote App

Export results, add custom notes, and access support

CBRN History Overview

Chemical warfare agents have evolved greatly over the last 100 years, download this timeline flyer to learn more.

Operational Impact of Fourth Generation Agents and Pharmaceutical Based Agents

The MX908 handheld mass spectrometer is the only device able to detect and identify both A-Series Agents and PBAs at trace levels in solid, liquid, vapor, and aerosol forms.

MX908 Brochure

Download this brochure to learn how this rugged, handheld device enables real-time trace-level detection.

ZipChip Consumables Guide

ZipChip Consumables Guide

Learn how to take the guesswork out of method development with ZipChip. Breeze through your selection in three quick steps.

Hassle-Free Oligo Characterization with ZipChip

The newly released ZipChip® oligos kit provides a simple, sensitive, dilute-and-shoot method for rapid analysis of oligonucleotides, applicable to
various sizes and modifications.

ZipChip Platform Brochure

Download our platform brochure to learn how ZipChip® platform prepares and separates a wide range of biological samples, then electrosprays them into your mass spec for analysis.

A comprehensive CE-ESI MS solution for BioPharma applications

REBEL Brochure

The REBEL is a novel, dedicated cell culture media analyzer designed for rapid, easy, and efficient amino acid and nutrient analysis.

Darwin Flyer

CQAs in 7 Minutes

We make this possible with fast separations and near-instant twiddle-free data analysis. Darwin uses the rich information from both the ZipChip capillary electrophoresis and mass spec domains so you can skip the finicky manual steps typically needed for biotherapeutic analysis.

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