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The list of potential explosive threats is much greater and more varied than ever before. Extremist groups the world over continue to find new ways to develop improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and homemade explosive devices (HMEs) using creative and often unexpected deployment methods. To keep pace with these evolving threats, today’s first responders, bomb disposal units, civilian support teams and military require expanded capabilities for rapid threat detection, identification and monitoring at the point of action. Fielding advanced analytical technology is critical throughout the explosives mission: to support pre-detonation operational needs such as sensitive site exploitation (SSE) and clandestine lab interdiction, for rapid identification and neutralization of explosive threats, and to guide post-detonation forensics.

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Expanding Capabilities

The unique proficiency of handheld high-pressure mass spectrometry™ (HPMS) expands the first responder tool kit adding deep chemical, explosive and precursor material identification and detection capabilities beyond traditional tools. The selectivity of mass spectrometry allows MX908™ to detect trace quantities of critical targets amongst the myriad of interferents that plague other less selective technologies.


MX908 Demo

MX908 Startup and Vapor Mode

MX908 Trace Sampling

MX908 Mission Modes

Bring it on.

Independent and internal testing prove M908 aloof to torture.

Highbrow performance without attitude.

Watch M908 snub interferents that commonly tamper with results.


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908 Devices’ MX908 out-designs designer drugs, unlocks detection capabilities for more than 2000 fentanyl variants


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International Hazardous Materials Response Teams Conference (IAFC), Baltimore, MD

06.13.19 - 06.16.19

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