Understanding Public Perception of Xylazine and Synthetic Opioids 

In an attempt to better analyze the public perception of xylazine and synthetic opioids, we surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers to gauge how informed they are. What we learned is this is not a traditional addiction issue. Read more.

MX908 and the Identification of Fentanyl/Xylazine Mixtures

The MX908 provides coverage of low concentration mixtures of powerful synthetics such as xylazine and 2000+ fentanyl analogs in cutting agents or other, more common, drugs to provide investigators with an important tool to meets today’s counter-drug challenges.

Trace Identification of Fentanyl, Synthetic Cathinones, and Other Drugs in Corrections

Watch this on demand webinar to learn more about the challenges associated with the increased presence of drugs and how to protect officers and inmates from potential exposures.

Field Detection of Pesticides: Suicide, Seizures, and Sickness

Watch this new on demand webinar as we explore the dangers of illegal marijuana grow operations and how to detect and identify toxic pesticides used in the cultivation process.

Responding to Emerging Threats: Detect, Decon, and Verify

Watch this webinar to learn more about the latest tactics, detection techniques, and procedures related to current and emerging threats. From fentanyl to unconventional chemical threats this is a must-watch for any first responder.

The HazMat Guys Podcast, Part 1: What are Aerosols?

Listen to Episode 290, Part 1 of the HazMat Guys Podcast to learn more about aerosol threats and the challenges they pose to responders.

The HazMat Guys Podcast, Part 2: Measuring Aerosols

Listen to Episode 291, Part 2 of the HazMat Guys Podcast on Aerosols. The guys discuss common techniques used measure aerosols and how to keep safe while responding to aerosolized threats.

Announcing the 3.4 Software Update New Target Release

SW v3.4 will include three new drug targets and one new explosives target.

MX908 Specifications for Corrections

MX908 provides trace identification (nanogram/invisible level) of many drugs commonly smuggled into corrections facilities.

White Paper: Pesticide Detection and Identification at Illegal Marijuana Grows

With pesticides posing an imminent danger for wildlife in the area, responding law enforcement also find themselves potentially exposed to the hazardous chemicals

Mission Brief: Identify Pesticides at Illegal Marijuana Grows

With the addition of the pesticide capabilities, the MX908 provides critical identification of toxic pesticides in the field, allowing users to act immediately, while keeping themselves safe.

Current Trends in Counterfeit Pills

Watch this on demand webinar as we discuss the importance of identifying controlled substances in the field due to the rise of high potency counterfeit pills.

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