Expert Roundtable: Trends in Illicit Drug Identification

Learn from a panel of law enforcement experts as they discuss challenges in keeping pace with an evolving drug landscape, and how they use new technology to detect and identify drugs in the field.

CBRN History Overview

MX908 Product Video

Operational Impact of Fourth Generation Agents and Pharmaceutical Based Agents

The Modern Day Challenges of Law Enforcement in Drug Detection

Presented by Patrick Glynn, Detective Lieutenant, Drug Control Unit, Quincy Police Department

Fentanyl: A Paradigm Shift in Drug Death

Presented by Michael Gray, Chairman, Fentanyl Awareness Coalition

When Two Worlds Collide – The Nexus Between Drugs and Terrorism

Presented by Dr. Christina Baxter, CEO, Emergency Response TIPS

Maine Drug Enforcement Agency Deployment of MX908

Presented by the Roy E. McKinney, Chief, Maine Drug Enforcement and Scott J. Pelletier, Commander, Maine Drug Enforcement

Prioritizing Officer Safety in the Field as Fentanyl Fatalities Rise

MX Files – Episode 1 – Aerosolized Fentanyl

Join us for this episode of the MX Files featuring Canadian Decon Solutions and a story about an encounter with fentanyl.

A Conversation with Michael Gray about Counterfeit Pills

Michael Gray is the CEO of Actus Analytical, Inc., which develops spectroscopy solutions for public safety. Michael and his wife, Nancy, founded The Actus Foundation in 2018, shortly after the death of their daughter, Amanda, who was killed by a poisoning of straight fentanyl at the age of 24.

A Conversation with Christina Baxter about Fentanyl

Dr. Christina Baxter is the CEO of Emergency Response TIPS, LLC and a partner in Hazard3, LLC which provides practical, evidence-based solutions for emergency response.

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