New kit provides a simple, rapid and cost-effective method for oligonucleotide analysis

908 Devices Inc. (Nasdaq: MASS), a pioneer of purpose-built handheld and desktop mass spec devices for chemical and biomolecular analysis, announced at ASMS today a new Oligos assay kit for its ZipChip device that enables fast and accurate identification and quantitation of oligonucleotides. Using this new Oligos kit with the ZipChip device, biopharmaceutical lab personnel now have an easy method for high-resolution separation and mass spec sample introduction without the use of harsh ion-pairing reagents. 

Traditional liquid chromatography (LC) workflows for oligonucleotide analysis are cumbersome and slow, and the use of ion-pairing reagents leads to frequent mass spec instrument maintenance and downtime. ZipChip, a plug-and-play open access platform, integrates with Thermo Fisher, Sciex, and Bruker mass spectrometers and leverages microfluidic-based Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) and electrospray ionization technology to minimize sample prep burden, perform high-resolution separations and directly introduce samples into a mass spec.

“Oligonucleotides is an exciting and rapidly growing therapeutic area for targeting genetic diseases,” said Maura Fitzpatrick, vice president of product management and marketing, 908 Devices. “We continue to enhance the capabilities of our ZipChip device and assay kits to enable our users to accelerate their workflows in critical-to-life applications.”

The ZipChip Oligos kit provides a fast and simple means to obtain high-resolution separation and mass spec data from a wide range of oligonucleotides. Users can benefit from:

  • Lack of harsh ion-pairing reagents
  • Orthogonal separation to LC
  • Analysis in minutes with minimal sample preparation and method development
  • High-resolution, accurate mass identification and quantitation with CE-MS

Visit booth #306 at the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) conference to learn more about the ZipChip device, Oligos kit and other handheld and desktop mass spec devices from 908 Devices or visit

About 908 Devices

908 Devices is democratizing laboratory mass spectrometry with its simple handheld and desktop devices, addressing critical-to-life applications. The Company’s devices are used at the point-of-need to interrogate unknown and invisible materials and provide quick, actionable answers to directly address some of the most critical problems in life sciences research, bioprocessing, pharma / biopharma, forensics and adjacent markets. The Company is headquartered in the heart of Boston, where it designs and manufactures innovative products that bring together the power of mass spectrometry, microfluidic separations, software automation, and machine learning.