Focused Threat Detection

M908™ is specifically engineered for your most time-critical missions. The world’s first handheld tool utilizing high-pressure mass spectrometry™ (HPMS), M908 provides civilian, federal and military responders with unique analysis capabilities for a broad range of chemical warfare agents (CWAs), toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), toxic industrial materials (TIMs), and precursors. Weighing just 2.0 kg (4.4lbs), M908 is a light and lean tool focused on your priority chemical threats.

M908 Resources

Expanding The Responder Toolkit

The unique proficiency of handheld high-pressure mass spectrometry (HPMS) expands the first responder tool kit adding deep chemical detection capabilities beyond traditional tools. The selectivity of mass spectrometry allows M908 to detect near-trace quantities of critical threats amongst the myriad of interferents that plague other less selective technologies.

Credible Threat Recognition
Without Interference

The selectivity of HPMS coupled with smart on-board analytics allows M908 to focus on detecting and identifying the most critical compounds and extreme hazards without the clutter of low-threat background chemicals and with extremely low false alarm rates.

Expect The Unexpected

Today’s first responders must be prepared for the unexpected. A focused yet expandable threat list enables M908 to adapt with each mission and serve as a proactive performance tool.

M908 Resources

Bring it on.

Independent and internal testing prove M908 aloof to torture.

Highbrow performance without attitude.

Watch M908 snub interferents that commonly tamper with results.

What can your mass spec do in 60-seconds?

See the breadth of applications achieved with M908 at full tilt with elegant precision.


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