To the 908 Devices’ Community:

We are vigilantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation and have been proactive in our response to ensure we can continue to support our customers and their critical mission while limiting risk of exposure for all.

We have taken important preparatory business steps, in addition to those recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and other government agencies.

Below are some of the actions we’ve taken:

  • Restricted access to our Boston Facility. Only essential on-site production and engineering staff are permitted.
  • Implemented travel restrictions. Only essential travel is being approved. Home quarantine is being required prior to entry to our Boston Facility for recent travel from high risk locales.
  • Grouped our needed on-site employees into two cross-functional teams. Created the ability to split shifts to further reduce exposure risk and add redundancy of functions.
  • Implementing good equipment hygiene. Working to ensure that all of our products; including new units, our demo units, service loaners, and RMA repairs are cleaned and disinfected per CDC guidance.
  • Increased product inventory (units, swabs, chips, and assay kits). Staged inventory to ensure rapid delivery even in the event of a production stoppage.
  • Equipped remote staff with modern teleworking tools. Each employee has access to video conferencing, cloud-based telecommunications, and numerous other collaboration tools to carry-on internally, and to engage with our customers.

All of 908 Devices’ products are designed and built in the U.S.A. to ISO9001:2015 standards. We have not experienced any supply chain shortages, and we have no significant components sourced from China.

908 Devices also takes pride in offering a high level of customer support. Our 1-844-908-HELP line for customer support remains open 24/7/365. The line is staffed with 10 employees spanning 3 time zones and providing geographic redundancy.

We are here. We have worked over the last two weeks to create new content, materials and channels to engage all those interested in adopting our products or our existing customers that need application assistance or refresher training. If we can’t be onsite, we will engage with you remotely. Call us for a demo or training, and we will get it done.

During this trying time, we hope you and your families stay safe and healthy. Please be assured we’ll do everything we can to protect and support the well-being of everyone in the 908 Devices Community.

Kevin J. Knopp

CEO & Co-Founder