To the 908 Devices’ Community:

Many of 908 Devices’ customers and the broader biotech and public health communities worldwide are grappling with the multifaceted problems presented by COVID-19. Whether you’re a start-up (like us), a multinational company, government agency, or academic group, we are committed to helping those on the front line of this worldwide emergency, and eager to support your efforts by offering our time, expertise, and equipment. Specifically, you might find our products useful in the following domains:

  • Our ZipChip platform is being used for the rapid characterization of therapeutics and vaccine development
  • Researchers investigating the progression of the disease and handling biological matrices (e.g., serum, urine, and plasma) can benefit from the negligible sample prep needed to run ZipChip
  • Our Rebel analyzer allows for near real-time bioprocess media characterization. It is currently used to support commercial vaccine development, and can be deployed quickly in process development labs
  • Finally, reports are already emerging of counterfeit therapeutics and we’re investigating ways in which our ZipChip and MX908 systems may be used for rapid evaluation of biosimilars and small molecule formulations

Please contact us at to see how we can help.


Christopher D. Brown
CTO, Co-Founder