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Data in Minutes,
Not Weeks

The REBEL at-line analyzer is a game-changer for bioprocessing. It’s faster, easier, and requires much lower sample volumes. An automated report will be generated in as little as 10 minutes per sample.

Developing a Bioprocess For a Biological Drug is Very Complex

It is less common to measure and monitor amino acid concentrations in the cell culture media. The lack of frequency might have a lot to do with the conventional amino acid monitoring simply taking too long.

The Conventional Process Is Simply Too Long

Once the samples arrive at the core lab, they are defrosted, diluted, and prepped alongside derivatization reagents and chemicals. Once ready, they are loaded into the HPLC so that data can be acquired, and analyzed, and this can take time.

Collect Data More Often and Use it to Optimize Your Bioprocess

With the REBEL at-line analyzer, you can pull a sample as small as 10 microliters, spin it and dilute. Insert it into the REBEL, Name it and hit “run.” An automated report will be generated in as little as 10 minutes per sample!

The Solution:


At-line cell culture media analysis. Results on 30+ components in under 10 minutes. When and where is your call. With the REBEL, now is always on the table.

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