Explore New Techniques and the Value of Utilizing Gas Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Devices

Register for this informative webinar that will address the importance of gas detection in hazardous materials and hazmat management. Learn about the dangers that can result from insufficient identification methods. Attendees will participate in a comparison of different gas detection techniques, such as colorimetric tubes, electronic sensors, and Gas Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. The session will particularly highlight the advanced use of handheld FTIR devices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain knowledge of the different gas detection methods utilized in hazmat emergency response situations.
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of conventional gas detection methods compared to handheld FTIR technology.
  • Investigate the consequences of inadequate gas detection on safety, emergency response, and the environment.
  • Analyze real-life examples where inaccurate gas identification resulted in heightened risks and difficulties in emergency response.
  • Learn how portable FTIR devices improve situational awareness and decision-making in real-time during hazmat incidents.
  • Develop tactics for incorporating handheld FTIR technology into current hazmat response procedures to enhance overall safety and effectiveness.
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Gas Detection Devices for Hazmat

Interested in learning about the best gas detection solutions for hazmat response situations? Sign up for the webinar today to hear case studies and learn about the latest technologies for hazmat response to improve safety.