Tech Notes

Instant Implementation of Raman-based PAT with MAVERICK for Monitoring Glucose and Lactate

MAVERICK is easy to set up and enables instant implementation of PAT generating accurate, precise, linear and selective in-line measurements across a wide range of media used typically in mammalian (including CHO and HEK293 media) cell culture for the production of biotherapeutics.

Determining Total Cell Count with MAVERICK Biomass Measurements

MAVERICK provides an in-line, Raman-based PAT solution for monitoring and control of glucose, lactate, and biomass in up to six bioreactors right out of the box.

On-line Measurement of Glucose and Lactate with Automated Feedback Control

MAVEN answers the urgent need for on-line measurements and automated control of glucose levels, which reduces manual labor, lowers risk of contamination from sampling, decreases risk of human error with feeding, and reduces the stress that cells may experience from variable glucose levels.

Multi-Mission Threat Detection with Handheld HPMS

Next-Generation Handheld High-Pressure Mass Spectrometry

How It Works

Performance Validation Study

Analysis of Fentanyl and Its Analogs with a Handheld API Mass Spectrometer and In-Source CID

Using the ZipChip Infusion Function

Using Field Strength Gradients

ZipChip and Detergents

ZipChip Protocols

We have compiled this list of concise protocols and technical notes to help you facilitate high-quality science with ZipChip. Simply log in to our customer support portal to view these files and more.

Evaluation of Sample Carryover

Aerosol Detection and Identification with MX908

Read this tech note full of field test data to understand how the MX908 with Aero works when detecting
aerosolized chemicals.

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