Charge Variant Analysis for Intact Protein Characterization in a Biopharmaceutical Development Lab – Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead

Direct Microchip CE/MS Peptide Mapping Workflow for the Analysis of mAb CQAs

Microchip CE-MS technology, its capabilities, and typical application space.

ZipChip: A Versatile Platform (Webinar)

A Versatile Platform for Small Molecules, Intact Proteins & Beyond

ZipChip can be used for applications ranging from proteins and peptides in biopharmaceuticals, to oligonucleotides and AAVs in cell and gene therapy applications.

Simplifying Complex Glycoprotein Characterization Webinar

EPO Separation & Analysis

Straightforward separation and analysis of a highly glycosylated protein

Webinar: Simplify Oligo Characterization with Microchip CE-MS

Oligo Analysis Simplified: Get Your Answers Faster with Microchip CE-MS

Webinar: Simplify Oligo Characterization with Microchip CE-MS

Simplifying Oligonucleotide Characterization with Microchip CE-MS

In this on-demand webinar, we present a microfluidic capillary zone electrophoresis-based separation coupled with HRAM mass-spectrometry for rapid characterization of oligos in positive ionisation mode.

Analysis of inhibitor-protein complexes and small molecules

Fast Therapeutic Protein Characterization

In-depth characterization of complex monoclonal antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates with native ZipChip CE-MS

Streamline Protein Characterization and Profiling with CE-ESI-MS

Why use capillary electrophoresis

Simultaneous monitoring of amino acids and protein titer

Redefine Bioprocess Analytics

Zip Through the Backlog

ZipChip for Rapid and Easy Nanospray Infusions

Summary: Streamlined protein characterization and profiling

Rapid, comprehensive biotherapeutics characterization

NIBRT presents ZipChip for biopharma characterization

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