Process Optimization by the Use of Substrate Feeding Strategies

Online glucose monitoring is possible by using Trace C2 Control system. Feed control without online glucose monitoring causes acetate formation due to overflow metabolism.

Optimized Fed-Batch Fermentation by Use of Online Glucose Measurement

This poster presentation features an integrated multivariate glucose measuring tool combined with software solutions which allow different types of feeding-strategies.

High Frequency Glucose and Lactate Measurements in Multi-Bioreactor Vessels

TRACE C2 is an online analyzer for monitoring and controlling glucose and lactate concentrations in bioreactors. With the extension M4 it is possible to monitor Glucose and Lactate in up to four simultaneous bioprocesses.

Online-Controlling of Glucose in Cultivations and Fermentations

TRACE C2 Control is a new online analyzer for monitoring and controlling of glucose concentrations in bioprocesses. In disturbance reaction experiments and in an E.coli fermentation it can be successfully shown that a reliable control is possible.

Implementation of a New Method for Online Glucose Control in a 10L CHO Bioprocess

This poster shows how glucose concentration can be directly measured based on an enzymatic reaction. This method is then used to control the glucose level in a fed-batch fermentation at a
constant level.

Single-Use Bioreactor for High Density Bacterial Fermentation: Evaluation of the CELL-tainer® Bioreactor

Single-Use Bioreactor for High Density Bacterial Fermentation

Glucose measurement is performed on-line using the TRACE C2 analyser. This allows to follow-up glucose uptake rate and monitor fed batch culture with retro-control on the glucose pump such as maintain glucose level at predefined set point.

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