Engineering Functionally Improved CAR T cells with a Multi-Cytokine Backpack Platform with Insights into Metabolism

Engineering Functionally Improved CAR T cells with a Multi-Cytokine Backpack Platform with Insights into Metabolism

Harness the Power of At-Line Spent Media Analysis

Reduce Process Development Timelines and Improve Productivity

This webcast shares a data-driven and accelerated cell culture media screening as well as the selection in the Ambr15 microbioreactor system.

Enabling Faster Feed Strategy Optimization with Rapid Spent Media Analysis and Data Visualization Tools

Lower Costs, Accelerate Productivity and Time-to-Market with Fast Analytical Tools

Learn how to take charge of your bioprocess development via at-line amino acid analysis empowered by a dedicated bioprocess software tool.

Multi-Component At-Line Cell Culture Media Analysis

Know your Cells Nutrient Requirements and Accelerate Media Development Timelines

In this talk, Graziella Piras discusses a data-driven and accelerated media screening, selection, and optimization experiment leveraging REBEL.

BPI Europe 2022 - Power Up Your Process Control

Add the Missing Pieces to your Predictive Model with Rapid Amino Acid Profiling

Graziella Piras, bioprocess segment director for 908 Devices, spoke at BPI Europe 2022 on the benefits of at-line nutrient monitoring.

Reduce Media Development Timelines

Does cell culture analysis matter for CGT development? This short webinar explores what is already known, reviews at-line methods for cell culture media analysis, and shares recent data from two case studies.

Add the Missing Pieces to your Predictive Model for Smarter DOEs

Listen how REBEL users describe how they use better data acquisition, management platforms, and process modeling to implement process intensification.

Process Modeling with Researchers from Johns Hopkins University

Listen to a dynamic discussion on the highlights of a new peer-reviewed article exploring model-based approached to cell culture optimization

[Webinar] Bioprocess 101: Cell Culture Media Analysis

Ask the Expert: Bioprocess 101 – Cell Culture Media Analysis

Conference Talk: 2021 Industrializing Cell-Based Meats & Seafood Summit

The Importance of Cell Media Analysis in Upstream Bioprocess Development

Watch this discussion with experts from industry and academia as they discuss bioprocessing trends relating to cell culture media analysis.

Mass Spectrometry-Based Process Analytical Technologies for Cell Therapies

Unlocking rapid cell culture media analysis for cell and gene therapy process development

Be a REBEL with Your Cell Media Analytics

Redefine Bioprocess Analytics

Rapid at-line amino acid and nutrient profiling from bioprocess media with the REBEL

How can we accelerate PD analytics?

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