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REBEL Application Snapshot: RPMI 1640 Medium Analysis with the REBEL – Accuracy and Reproducibility Across Multiple Devices

RPMI 1640 Medium Analysis with the REBEL: Accuracy and Reproducibility Across Multiple Devices

This extensive fresh media analysis experiment provides an example of the accuracy and reproducibility of the REBEL device obtained with RPMI media.

REBEL App Note: Screening for Component Diversity in CHO Cell Culture Media – Fast At-line Media Analysis with the REBEL

Screening for Component Diversity in CHO Cell Culture Media

At-line amino acid analysis can speeds up cell culture media and feeding strategy optimization for bioprocess development.

Application Snapshot Booklet Fermentation

Application Snapshot Booklet Cell and Gene Therapy

Application Snapshot Booklet Cell Culture

Application Snapshot Booklet Biologics

Application Snapshot Booklet

Download our full collection of application snapshots, with focuses on biologics, CGT, and fermentation.

How comparable are different vendors’ LB media?

High variations of analyte levels in Terrific broth (TB) media

Investigating the high nutrient variations in Super Optimal Broth

Cultures’ growth rates and productivities may differ when different vendor’s media are used in otherwise identical experiments.

Probing formulation differences in Super Optimal Broth

Similarities between different vendors’ 2X YT liquid media

Comparing standard microbial media from a single supplier

At-line spent media analysis is now a reality

To elevate process development decisions to real-time, researchers require new analytical platforms that simplify analysis and accelerate delivery of actionable intelligence.

Differences in fresh commercially available hybridoma media

Select the best CHO media from the start

Performing your own quick assays of the media you receive ensures consistency in the cell media fed to your cells.

Screening of chemically-defined media for suspension cultures of HEK293 cells

Across four vendors, there was a high variation in the fresh media composition.

Analyze media without removing your mAb on the Rebel

Identify variations in dry and liquid CHO media

Running a quick fresh media assay prior to feeding the culture ensures consistency of the media components when scaling up or during the transition between liquid-to-dry media blends.

Serum supplemented media analysis is routine with the Rebel

Tease out variations in dry cell culture media

Running a simple media assay prior to feeding your cells can ensure that the composition of the media is what is expected.

Supplementing RPMI media with fetal bovine serum

Supplementing IMDM media with fetal bovine serum

Conventional and chemically-defined T cell medias

Amino acid contents of Sf9 and Sf21 insect cell media

Knowledge of the insect cell metabolism coupled with an understanding of the amino acid content of the cell media allows for a more informed process development analytics strategy.

Comparing mesenchymal stem cell media with supplements on the Rebel

To ensure consistency when culturing MSCs, researchers should understand what is being added to their media.

Don’t sweat your cell media additives

Handle non-ionic surfactants in cell media samples with ease

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Basal cell media with 10% fetal bovine serum

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