Ask the Expert: Bioprocess 101 – Cell Culture Media Analysis

In-Process Analytics are Key to Successful Cell Therapy Process Optimization and Manufacturing

Cellular therapies are an increasingly viable therapeutic option for many indications, particularly for patients who have exhausted traditional treatments. Considerable clinical activity and the approval of several autologous, patient-specific therapies has increased industry demand and has also highlighted bottlenecks in manufacturing workflows.

Process Intensification: Do You Have All the Data You Need When You Need It?

The need for process intensification and implementation of Bioprocess 4.0 requires extensive real time data acquisition and process modelling. At line MS-based technologies presented here provide key cellular metabolic and protein quality data in real time to support process intensification and modelling.

The Need For Speed In The Lab

The growth and visibility of new biologic-based therapeutics has created a race to see which new medicines can make it to market first. R&D scientists and bioprocess development teams are under immense pressure to meet global demand for new drugs, while at the same time ensuring safety, quality, and cost efficiencies.

Quantitation of metabolites in classical and customized cell culture media by an integrated CE-MS Analyzer

Quantitation of metabolites in cell culture media by an integrated CE-MS analyzer
for upstream process development

Biotech Week Boston 2021 Takeaways

Quantification of metabolites in chemically defined media: an example of method accuracy and reproducibility

REBEL Product Video

Conference Talk: 2021 Industrializing Cell-Based Meats & Seafood Summit

Cooperation, process understanding, and speed are the big takeaways from BPS 2021

The Importance of Cell Media Analysis in Upstream Bioprocess Development

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