Harness the Power of At-Line Spend Media Analysis to Optimize a CHO mAb Fed-Batch Process

This webcast shares a data-driven and accelerated cell culture media screening as well as the selection in the Ambr15 microbioreactor system.

Conference Talk: Power Up Your Process Control (BPI 2022)

Graziella Piras spoke at BPI 2022 about how amino acids can present a goldilocks problem for bioprocessing: too little and they starve; too much and they favor growth over protein production.

Cell Culture Media Impact on Viral Vector Quality & Safety

Cell Culture Media Impact on Viral Vector Scalability

Viral Vector Manufacturing & Cell Culture Media Analysis

Plasmid DNA Productivity & Cell Culture Media Analysis

Challenges in Gene Therapy Process Development

Advances in gene therapy hold great promise for patients but brings challenges for manufacturers to meet high clinical and commercial demand.

REBEL Spent Media Analysis Kits

The REBEL Spent Media Analysis (SMA) kit is designed to give you all the consumable components needed to run your samples quickly and move your projects forward faster.

Optimization of Scalable rAAV Production for Gene Therapy

This poster showcases spent media analysis leveraging REBEL, which requires only 10 μL per sample and 10 minutes analysis time.

Empowering Process Optimization for a mAb-Expressing CHO Cell Line

Coupling miniature mass spectrometry (MS) with microchip capillary electrophoresis (CE) fulfills an unmet need: simple, rapid at-line nutrient quantitation.

Multi-Component At-Line Cell Culture Media Analysis

In this talk, Graziella Piras discusses a data-driven and accelerated media screening, selection, and optimization experiment leveraging REBEL.

REBEL + ZipChip help HJB Overcome Scientific Hurdles and Optimize Processes in Biotherapeutic Development

In their search to accelerate R&D and reduce costs, HJB discovered the power of REBEL and ZipChip.

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