REBEL Certified User Training

Get the best user experience with the REBEL at-line spent media analyzer. Our training course is for new and experienced users who want to refresh their REBEL device
operation skills.

Engineering Functionally Improved CAR T cells with a Multi-Cytokine Backpack Platform with Insights into Metabolism

Lower Costs, Accelerate Productivity and Time-to-Market with Fast Analytical Tools

Learn how to take charge of your bioprocess development via at-line amino acid analysis empowered by a dedicated bioprocess software tool.

Challenges in Gene Therapy Process Development Metropolis

Advances in gene therapy hold great promise for patients but brings challenges for manufacturers to meet high clinical and commercial demand.

REBEL Customer Experience: Clemson University

Listen to Stephanie Klaubert, a graduate research assistant from Clemson University, as she shares how REBEL helps her with process development and cell culture optimization.

RPMI 1640 Medium Analysis with the REBEL: Accuracy and Reproducibility Across Multiple Devices

This extensive fresh media analysis experiment provides an example of the accuracy and reproducibility of the REBEL device obtained with RPMI media.

Screening for Component Diversity in CHO Cell Culture Media

At-line amino acid analysis can speeds up cell culture media and feeding strategy optimization for bioprocess development.

Harness the Power of At-Line Spent Media Analysis (BioPharm International)

Reduce Process Development Timelines and Improve Productivity

This webcast shares a data-driven and accelerated cell culture media screening as well as the selection in the Ambr15 microbioreactor system.

Conference Talk: Power Up Your Process Control (BPI 2022)

Graziella Piras spoke at BPI 2022 about how amino acids can present a goldilocks problem for bioprocessing: too little and they starve; too much and they favor growth over protein production.

Cell Culture Media Impact on Viral Vector Quality & Safety

Cell Culture Media Impact on Viral Vector Scalability

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