908 Devices, a pioneer of analytical devices for chemical and biomolecule analysis, will showcase the innovative capabilities of its ZipChip™ platform at the 65th American Society of Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Conference, taking place June 4-8, 2017, in booth #200. During the conference, researchers from 908 Devices, along with scientists from Thermo Fisher Scientific, North Carolina State UniversityBoston University School of MedicineAmgen-Thousand Oaks and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, will be presenting research based on real-world applications of ZipChip. Presentations will explore topics such as the characterization of biotherapeutic proteins, fast quantitative top-to-bottom proteomics, rapid intact mass and structure analysis for large and small molecules, and high throughput analysis of metabolites, peptides and intact proteins utilizing simple methods.

“After unveiling ZipChip at ASMS last year, we’re thrilled to be back! This year, we’ll dive deeper into the power of this innovative separations platform, the impressive impact it is making at leading biopharmas and continue to forge new relationships within the industry,” said Dr. Trent Basarsky, VP and GM of Life Sciences, 908 Devices. “What’s particularly exciting is the number of ZipChip customers that will be telling their stories at ASMS. This year’s agenda is a true testament to our platform and the remarkable impact it’s had on life sciences in such a short time.”

Following the introduction of ZipChip last year, seven of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies have adopted the platform to accelerate productivity throughout the drug discovery and development processes. 908 Devices recently released product enhancements to the award-winning platform that help researchers keep pace with rising analytical demands.

In addition to support from leading pharmaceutical companies, 908 Devices most recently signed a co-exclusive Value Added Reseller (VAR) Agreement with Thermo Fisher to increase ZipChip’s accessibility throughout the biopharma industry worldwide. Through this partnership, users of the Thermo Scientific Q Exactive series, Orbitrap Elite and LTQ Orbitrap XL instruments can incorporate ZipChip to enhance their analytical capabilities. These powerful technologies will be showcased at ASMS in Thermo Fisher’s suite at the JW Marriott White River Ballroom J-F. As a result of this collaboration, it’s now easier than ever for customers to benefit from this combination of fast separations and best-in-class MS analysis.

“We focus on providing tools that aid in the development and characterization of therapeutic proteins via analysis of intact antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, antibody subunits and peptide mapping analysis,” said Dr. Eugen Damoc, Platform Manager Hybrid FT-MS at Thermo Fisher. “Running samples becomes a seamless process with ZipChip and we experienced great separation capabilities when running a mixture of six antibodies as well as infliximab Ides digest samples. We were also able to baseline separate Lys-variants of infliximab antibody in native conditions. Looking ahead we plan to leverage ZipChip to provide further characterization of antibody subunits using top-down analysis.”

About the ZipChip Platform
Designed to accelerate productivity throughout the drug discovery and development processes, the ZipChip system is a plug-and-play separations platform that optimizes high-quality MS analysis. Powered by integrated microfluidic technology, this system performs separations in three minutes or less with very little sample prep and low sample volumes. This rapid separation capability is revolutionizing the analysis of small and large molecules, allowing researchers to keep pace with rising analytical demands.

To learn more about or purchase ZipChip, visit: https://908devices.com/products/zipchip/ or email zipchip@908Devices.com. You can also visit us at ASMS booth #200 and follow us on Twitter at @908Devices and on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/908-devices.