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Controlling Essential Amino Acid Levels in CHO Cell Cultures Using A Genome-Scale Nutrient Minimization Forecast Algorithm

Listen to a dynamic discussion on the highlights of a new peer-reviewed article exploring model-based approached to cell culture optimization


Michael Betenbaugh, Ph.D
Johns Hopkins University

Yiqun Chen, Ph.D
Graduate Student,
Johns Hopkins University

Ji Young Anderson
Sr. Scientist,
908 Devices

Milla Neffling
Bioprocessing Segment Manager
908 Devices

Our own Milla Neffling moderates a discussion with three authors of a recent peer-reviewed article in Biotechnology & Bioengineering. The 18-minute discussion ranges from the importance of process modeling to the critical role of new tools like REBEL.

Watch as they discuss:
  • How media optimization strategies  evolved to help the biopharma industry
  • The benefit of genome-scale models
  • The importance of input data quality
  • The relevance of amino acids and their importance in genome-scale models

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