Join us for a panel discussion on the impact of the evolving threat landscape on the EOD mission. A panel of subject matter experts will provide insight on emerging threats, how current and new technology can be used to address those threats and a discussion of real-world inspired scenarios by thought leaders from the EOD community. The EOD mission is as critical today as ever – perhaps even more so as the threat landscape continues to evolve, encompassing not just explosives but All Hazards. This discussion of the All Hazard Approach to the EOD mission will inform you on the latest threats (many just recently declassified) and will highlight the importance of trace detection technology, before, during and after an event has happened. You’ll hear firsthand from users of the MX908, as our speakers discuss their field experiences and the changes they’ve seen over the years. Register today to participate in this live presentation and discussion on the All Hazards Approach to the EOD Mission.

Note: This is the first in our series of webinars for EOD responders.

Participants includ

  • Christina Baxter, CEO, Emergency Response TIPS
  • Alan Higgins, EOD Program Manager
  • Michael “Iron Mike” Burghardt
  • Dave Godin, Field Forensics Applications, 908 Devices


  • Jesse Taylor, Senior Training Manager, 908 Devices

Date: Wednesday, September 30th
Time: 12:30AM – 2:00PM (EDT)

Due to the webinar content, attendance is limited to law enforcement, government and military organizations. We request that you use your government email address when registering.
For questions or to request an exception, please contact