Over the last ten years, The Bioprocessing Summit has continually demonstrated leadership in the bioprocess field by presenting breakthrough scientific content of the highest caliber that continually adheres to their goal of providing practical solutions for today’s most pressing challenges – leading to tomorrow’s advances. The level of excitement and enthusiasm that accompanies the Summit each year is unparalleled, and CHI is always thrilled to bring together the international bioprocess community in Boston for discussion, networking and sharing data! Visit us at booth #201 and check out the following talk and posters from 908 Devices!


TUESDAY, AUGUST 13TH | 10:00am 

Rapid At-Line Spent Media Analysis with a New Integrated Benchtop Analyzer Disrupts the Antiquated Core Lab Model | Glenn Harris, Director of Integrated Life Sciences Platforms, 908 Devices | Commonwealth Health Hall.

There is a need for bench side process analytics that can monitor bioreactor nutrients, cell metabolites, and critical process attributes. Enzymatic biochemical analyzers deliver useful data, but they are limited to a small number of analytes that can be monitored simultaneously. Discussed here is a new bioprocess analyzer named Rebel. Rebel enables rapid, at-line spent media analysis with minimal sample volume and preparation.



An Integrated Benchtop Analyzer for the Rapid Analysis of Amino Acids, Water Soluble Vitamins, Biogenic Amines and Dipeptides in Cell Growth Media B | Presented by Kerin G | Poster Number: 101.

Rapid At-Line Nutrient Profiling from an Ammonia Stressed CHO Cell Line Utilizing an Integrated Benchtop Analyzer | Presented by Glenn H. | Poster Number: 102.