908 Devices User Meeting


September 23, 2021


You choose! Virtual or In-Person in Boston, MA

Interaction breeds ideas. That’s why we’re bringing together the best of our user base to share experiences, build relationships, and inspire one another towards groundbreaking work. Learn a little something about the people behind 908 Devices. Learn a lot from the amazing people in our community on the front lines of human health and safety.

Agenda & Speakers

Join us for keynote presentations plus 10 other industry experts across 2 topic tracks. 

  • “Forensic Identification and Characterization of Counterfeit Medicines”: Presented by Tony Zook, Executive Director Product Integrity, Merck
Track 1: Combating the Opioid Crisis and Other Priority Drugs
  • Christina Baxter, CEO at Emergency Response TIPS 
  • David Godin, Field Forensic Applications, 908 Devices
  • Michael Gray, Chairman, Fentanyl Awareness Coalition 
  • Roy McKinney, Chief Maine Drug Enforcement Agency
  • Scott J. Pelletier, Commander Maine Drug Enforcement Agency 
  • Mourad Gabriel, USDA Forest Service 
  • Patrick Glynn, Detective Lieutenant, Drug Control Unit, Quincy Police Department 
Track 2: Accelerating Biotherapeutic Development and Bioprocessing
  • Mike Betenbaugh, Professor at John Hopkins University, Director at AMBIC
  • Arnik Shah, Scientist at Amgen 
  • Jarrod Marto, Principal Investigator at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Associate Professor Harvard Medical School 
  • Chris McCready, Principal Research Scientist, Sartorius 
  • Victoria Drake, Associate Scientist at Alexion Pharmaceuticals
  • Graziella Piras, Bioprocessing Segment Director, 908 Devices

Have a question about the event? Reach out to marketing@908devices.com.

We’re Hosting Critical Mass 2021 Two Ways

Virtual Event

If you join us virtually, you’ll experience the event through a virtual event portal. You can watch all the event activities from a desktop/laptop computer or from an app on your phone. Chat in with questions and connect with other attendees digitally.  

In-Person Event in Boston, MA

If you join us in person, we’ll be at the Hampton Inn Boston Seaport and the 908 Devices headquarters, both within easy walking distance from one another. You’ll be able to mingle with speakers and other attendees live. 

COVID-19 Policy

Critical Mass 2021 will be a COVID aware event that follows safety best practices mandated by the state of Massachusetts.

If you have any hesitation in joining a live event, please check out the virtual registration option. You can enjoy everything the live attendees do, from the comfort of a location you choose. If you’re joining us live, this is a BYOM event: Bring Your Own Mask! Massachusetts currently recommends masks for some fairly broad segments of the population. We want to enjoy our time together and keep everyone healthy. 

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