The 908 Devices User Meeting


(Next Event: Sept. 2023)


To Be Announced

Interaction breeds ideas. That’s why we’re bringing together the best of our user base to share experiences, build relationships, and inspire one another towards groundbreaking work. Learn a little something about the people behind 908 Devices. Learn a lot from the amazing people in our community on the front lines of human health and safety.

Have a question about the event? Reach out to [email protected].

Critical Mass Takes Place Two Ways

In-Person Event in Boston, Mass.

If you join us in person, you’ll be able to mingle with speakers and other attendees live. 

Virtual Event

If you join us virtually, you’ll experience the event through a virtual event portal. You can watch all the event activities from a desktop/laptop computer or from an app on your phone. Chat in with questions and connect with other attendees digitally.  

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