Dr. J. Michael Ramsey is the Goldby Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Dr. Ramsey is also the director of the UNC Center for Biomedical Microtechnologies, a center focused on fostering collaborations between medical researchers or clinicians and developers of microtechnologies for enhancing access to biological information. His present research interests include highly miniaturized mass spectrometry, micro- and nanofluidics, and single molecule DNA sequencing, single cell assays and point-of-care clinical diagnostic devices. Dr. Ramsey is the sole scientific founder of Caliper Technologies (NASDAQ:CALP), later renamed Caliper Life Sciences and acquired by PerkinElmer in late 2011 for $650M. Caliper is the leading commercial supplier of microfluidic technologies; tools primarily used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Dr. Ramsey is also the scientific founder of 908 Devices Inc. and serves as chair of the Scientific Advisory Board.