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Urban Shield 2017: 908 Devices Returns to High-Intensity First Responder Training Program with Next-Gen MX908

The ability to keep pace with today’s diverse and escalating threat landscape is critical for all first responders, from national and international agencies to your local hazmat team. As in any industry, continued training is important, as it ensures acquired skills remain sharp and new, vital ones are developed.

This is the mission behind Urban Shield, a 48-hour intensive training exercise designed to push tactical teams and first responders to their limits. Dubbed the “Hazmat Olympics,” Urban Shield exposes teams at all levels to a range of challenges, from active shooter scenarios to identifying mysterious radiological devices or materials. While the ultimate goal is to further these teams’ knowledge of new technology, response tactics, and burgeoning threats, it’s also a fierce competition for first place.

We had a fantastic first experience with our M908™ at last year’s event, and were honored to be invited back for a second time. To be asked to return is a high compliment and a true testament to the success of M908 – which stood up to repeated, arduous testing across several scenarios. We couldn’t wait to demonstrate our recently-launched, next-generation chemical detector, MX908™, and put it through this rigorous training program.

To learn more about this year’s event and how our MX908 performed, check out the slideshow below: