Earlier this month, the oil & gas team travelled to Houston for the annual Gulf Coast Conference, which aims to educate professionals on the advancement of chemical analysis technology for the petrochemical, refining and environmental fields. We attended the show last year, and while some people remembered our name, after this year’s showing, we’re confident that we made a lasting impression.

From a Plastic Board to a 28 lb. Analyzer

When we arrived at the 2015 show, we were a new name in the oil & gas industry and eager to share our vision. Our team came armed with a little plastic board, which showcased the key component of the to-be-built G908 – a scroll pump that can fit in the palm of your hand, an electronics board, and the power source to our High Pressure Mass Spectrometry (HPMS) devices – an HPMS compact core.

This HPMS core, which lies at the heart of our flagship M908™device released in 2014, operates much closer to atmospheric pressure than traditional mass spectrometers, enabling us to dramatically shrink the pumps, ionizers, detectors and electronics that make up traditional analyzers. The result is a portable, handheld device far smaller and lighter than existing laboratory or luggable tools.

At last year’s show we used that little board and miniaturized core to showcase our big idea, promising we’d be back with a full blown G908™ device in 2016.  We’re proud to say that – in just one short year – we stayed true to our word.

Bringing G908 from Concept to Application

This year’s Gulf Coast Conference was well attended, and our booth saw constant traffic throughout the show. Many of the folks that stopped by remembered holding our core in their hands last year and listening to our vision for a point-of-need device that would simplify and streamline analysis within all sectors of the oil & gas market, with applications in the upstream, midstream and downstream markets.

This year, those same professionals, and many new ones, were able to get hands on with G908, which officially launched this past March, and see data demonstrating its capabilities directly collated from real-world applications.

It’s truly phenomenal to see how far we’ve come in just a year’s time and to have that progress recognized by key players in the industry, end users and fellow vendors alike. In fact, we had numerous conversations with fellow vendors that expressed not only interest in our technology but amazement at how we’ve been able to so significantly simplify the tools needed for GC-MS analysis, which have historically been fragile and extremely complex.

Continued Momentum into 2017

Since G908’s launch, we’ve devoted much of our time to forging relationships within the oil & gas industry. Through our recently completed roadshow series and events like the Gulf Coast Conference, we’ve gained a better understanding of the industry’s needs and how our device can meet them.

For example, many of our conversations have involved efficiency and costs, with oil & gas professionals prioritizing devices that can save both time and money. In response, we’ve been able to highlight G908’s diverse capabilities and transportable nature, which allows it to be easily applied at the wellhead, pipeline and beyond. What’s more, its removable, compact HPMS core and exchangeable column modules are easy to service. We’ve also been able to showcase the device’s intuitive interface, which makes analysis easier than ever before, even for those with little experience using analysis tools.

It always excites us to see the look of surprise on people’s faces when they learn about these features and then find out that – on top of all that – they come at a significantly lower price tag than traditional tools.

At this year’s Gulf Coast Conference, we weren’t just sharing a vision; we were showcasing a new reality with real-world results. No longer are we conceptualizing; now we have a physical product and hard data to back us up. We hope you’ll stay with us as we continue to advance our technology, demonstrate its capabilities and expand its applications in the coming year.

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By: Dr. Graham Shelver, Commercial Leader, Applied Markets