Next in our series of insights from CE Pharm and Mass Spec 2016 we’d like to commend the work of Dr. Seth Madren on his presentation “Microchip Electrophoresis with MS Detection for High-throughput Analytical Applications in Biopharmaceutical Development”, which was co-authored with Dr. Li Zang.

Dr. Madren reported his use of microfluidic chip technology for a range of application areas of interest in BioPharma from small molecules, up to and including intact proteins. There was interesting analysis shown of components in growth media – an area where we have seen particular interest. In our experience, there is increasing demand for growth media analysis to assist in process control and optimization. This need is exacerbated in groups that are looking at a shift from batch manufacturing to continuous.

Dr. Madren also presented an analysis of a complex intact glycoprotein, highlighting how they were able to partially resolve structural isomers that have very similar mobilities.

In addition, the work reported interesting application of microfluidic separation technology to mapping analysis of a Lysine-C mAb digest. It was remarkable to see Dr. Madren report 100 percent sequence coverage of both light and heavy chains in the mAb. Beyond those great results the full analysis was completed in less than 7 minutes compared to anywhere from 30-90 minute runs for LC-MS methods previously considered the standard.

Good to see this work published Dr. Madren, excellent stuff!

By: Erin Redman, Senior Research Scientist at 908 Devices