2015 was a year of tremendous progress for 908 Devices. Right before the holiday’s kicked into high gear, I sent a letter to our Safety and Security customers outlining many of the important milestones achieved in product development and the building of our company. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with all of you that same information, while also looking at what else is to come from the team at 908 Devices.

With so much to share it will be difficult to touch upon everything in just one post. Instead we are going to explore the then and now in two different parts. This first post will recap 2015, while dedicating a second post to a glimpse at what’s to come in 2016.   As some of you may know, we received $13M in Series C funding in 2015 to expand our safety and security product offering beyond our flagship product and introduce new game-changing products into the life sciences and oil & gas markets. We are excited about these new product development efforts and cannot wait to reveal more. But first, let’s do a quick look back.

Since the company’s inception in 2012, our main objective has always been to create devices that fill capability gaps for the end-user. We started that mission with our flagship product, M908TM. The success we have seen with M908 is humbling. To-date we’ve brought M908’s unique capabilities to commercial, government and military customers, both domestic and abroad. In 2015 the State of Massachusetts’ Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Division purchased eight devices for use during routine response and large-scale events throughout the state such as the Boston Marathon, Fourth of July celebration, the NHL Winter Classic and other city-wide events. We also signed strategic partnership agreements with seven new distribution partners to bring M908 to commercial, government and military customers across 18+ countries across Europe, as well as Australia.

The safety and security landscape is unique with stringent needs and demands.   Customer insights are paramount and we love to work closely with the community to tune-in and get-it-right!   Feedback from early adopters of M908 fueled significant improvements and many new features last year. As a result of these customer partnerships the team was able to expanded the device’s target list based on customer priorities, implement new user interface graphics and additional workflows for improved guidance throughout operation, and developed new sampling accessories that have simplified measurements across various field scenarios. With continued feedback and support from our customers, the performance and utility of the world’s first and only handheld mass spectrometer only continues to get stronger – what a challenge and a what a privilege.

2015 ended on a real high note for M908, which won not one, but three prestigious awards that honor innovation and technological prowess: the NCT CBRNe Product Award from IB Consultancy, an R&D 100 Award by R&D Magazine and the Homeland Security Award for Best Chemical Detection Product by Government Security Magazine. It was such an honor to have our technology recognized by these three organizations. These awards are further validation of our commitment to truly expanding customer’s capabilities for chemical threat identification.

Looking ahead, there are many more Safety & Security devices to come from 908 Devices. For us, M908 is just the beginning. We continue to work with a variety of government programs that will expand HPMS applications into additional product lines. In 2015 we signed two new partnerships with branches of the U.S. Military, one with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), and another with the U.S. Army’s Next Generation Chemical Detector (NGCD) program. Through these new partnerships, along with the funding we received in 2014 from the U.S government’s Technical Support Working Group (TSWG), we are working aggressively toward broadening the capabilities of our core mass spec technology platform.

2015 realized much success in the Safety & Security market and we are eager to see what 2016 has in store. We are just four weeks into 2016, and I can tell you that there are more exciting things to come from our team. Be sure to tune in next month when we turn our attention to what’s ahead for 908 Devices in the Applied Markets.