Supporting Product Safety

Butane, pentane, hexane and other solvents are used to extract and concentrate active ingredients from cannabis. These solvents originate from the hydrocarbon processing industry and can contain contminants which can be toxic if ingested. As the extraction process often requires large volumes of solvents to increase extraction efficiency and product purity, it can be extremely difficult to completely remove all traces of residual solvents. Therefore, state regulatory authorities require that analytical testing be performed to ensure these compounds, if present, do not exceed concentrations considered harmful to human health and safety.

No Solvent Left Behind

The G908 analyzer separates and quantifies residual solvents at the push of a button. A ballistically heated, mixed-mode, mid-polarity capillary column seprates these compounds with highly reproducible retention times.  Meanwhile high-pressure mass spectrometry (HPMS) and flame ionization detection (FID) work together to provide component mass confirmation and concentrations for solvent residues in extracts.


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