908 Devices Launches New Capabilities for Handheld MX908 Mass Spec Device to Speed Unknown Chemical Detection in the Field

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Press Release

MX908 is the only field-deployable solution for rapid detection and identification of Novichok (A-series) chemical warfare agents (CWAs) at trace levels.

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Reference Guide

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This new fourth generation agent guidance from CHEMM makes clear the need for trace detection tools that are adaptable, reliable and ready.

Article (PDF)

Fourth Generation Agents: Reference Guide

January 2019

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CW Hunter Mode: Novichoks

Mission Brief: Novichoks

MX908 capabilities continue to evolve beyond traditional threats by addressing emerging chemical threats such as FGAs and PBAs.

Article (PDF)

Detect and Identify Novichoks

June 2019

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Specification Sheet

In addition to traditional agents and threat materials, MX908 is a field-deployable tool that can identify A-series CWAs, also known as fourth generation agents (FGAs) or Novichoks, at trace levels.

Spec Sheet (PDF)

Rugged Mass Spec for Trace Detection and Identification of CWAs & TICs

June 2019

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MX908 Mission Modes

About MX908 Mission Modes

New MX908 Mission Modes enhance performance using specialized software configurations to optimize operational performance of existing hardware for mission objectives.

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