Dynamic Range Optimization for Amino Acid Quantitation with an Integrated CE-MS Analyzer

The coupling of miniature mass spectrometry (MS) to a microchip capillary electrophoresis (CE) platform provides a simple solution for amino acid quantitation.

‘What’s In Your Media?’ Ebook

Learn about the critical role of cell culture media analysis in biotherapeutics development, including biologics and cell and gene therapies.

Ask the Expert: Bioprocess 101 – Cell Culture Media Analysis

Process Intensification: Do You Have All the Data You Need When You Need It?

The need for process intensification and implementation of Bioprocess 4.0 requires extensive real time data acquisition and process modelling. At line MS-based technologies presented here provide key cellular metabolic and protein quality data in real time to support process intensification and modelling.

REBEL Product Video

A Rapid Microfluidic Method for Molecular Weight Determination and Spent Media Analysis of an IgG1 Intact Protein in Growth Media

Spent Media Analysis of CHO Grown in an Ammonia-Stressed Parallel Microbioreactor Platform

Analyze media without removing your mAb on the Rebel

Rapid at line nutrient profiling from an ammonia stressed CHO cell line

At-line spent media analysis is now a reality

To elevate process development decisions to real-time, researchers require new analytical platforms that simplify analysis and accelerate delivery of actionable intelligence.

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