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Protein-based therapeutics cover a wide range of molecular types, including monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), Fc fusion proteins, and mAbs conjugated with small molecule drugs. The development of protein therapeutics is challenging and requires sensitive analytical techniques. Mass spectrometry (MS) is widely used due to its sensitivity, selectivity, and specificity. MS analysis can now be simplified and automated by integrating this powerful analytical technique with a microfluidic device that incorporates zone electrophoresis and nanoflow electrospray ionization. Analysis occurs under optimal conditions for solubility, stability, and sensitivity, yielding high-quality MS data that is enhanced by near baseline resolution of many protein variants in the electrophoretic separation. The ZipChip separations platform offer methods that require minimal sample prep and their short analysis times facilitate rapid characterization of protein therapeutics.

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The ZipChip separations platform enables the only directly MS-compatible technique that separates protein variants, antibody variants, and provides full ADC analysis. This separation platform integrates both separation and electrospray ionization onto a microfluidic chip and provides near native-state intact ADC and protein variant separations with a full mass spectrum behind every peak! With ZipChip proteins require no sample prep and analysis is complete in 3 minutes.


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