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Analysis of small molecule metabolites is fundamental to drug and biomarker discovery, DMPK and toxicology studies, and health and nutrition research. With many metabolite concentrations in rapid flux, analysis of these compounds must be fast, sensitive, and non-disruptive to produce an accurate picture of the metabolic state. Mass spectrometry is a vital tool in the field of metabolomics due to its selectivity and sensitivity. With the ZipChip platform, users can enhance the capabilities of their mass spectrometer by directly integrating a rapid, high-resolution separation with nanospray ionization. The system’s separations do not depend on the retention of analytes on a stationary phase; so small, polar metabolites are well suited for ZipChip separations. With simple sample preparation and typical run times of 2-5 minutes, the automated platform can dramatically increase throughput for many metabolic assays.

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With the ZipChip separations platform, full amino acid profiles and the majority of metabolites are directly measured in less than 3 minutes with minimal sample preparation from common biological matrices. Integration of all functional elements onto a single ZipChip eliminates the dead volumes that handicap other nanoflow separations, providing the highest possible separation efficiencies in the shortest time.


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