Fundamental Media Understanding

At the heart of the biotech and biopharma revolutions is the fermentation process and growth media is the fuel. Optimizing culture conditions is key to production of proteins with minimal structural modification and highest yield. Monitoring the consumption of amino acids and key nutrients from the media and the production of key metabolites is not only key in research and scale-up but good practice in batch manufacturing and critical in continual flow reactors. Complexity and expense mean many groups monitor media only after completion but the speed and simplicity of ZipChip enables frequent, in-process monitoring.

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Growth Media Analysis. Fast.

Using ZipChip HS with your Mass Spectrometer for growth media analysis gives you full Amino Acid profiles and quantification of key metabolites in less than 3 minutes. Analysis involves minimal sample preparation while low flow rates and a volatile background electrolyte are gentle on your MS system – maximum uptime, maximum analytical integrity.


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