Inside the Cell

Analysis of cells is fundamental to the the understanding of functioning biological systems from discovery of oncology drugs, to DMPK and toxicology studies for all pharmaceuticals. Cells contain thousands of compounds in constant metabolomic flux so capturing an accurate ‘snap-shot,’ requires fast analysis and minimal sample preparation. Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) is used widely as HILIC separations capture polar metabolites however, 30 minute runs and significant sample preparation are not ideal. ZipChip enables fast separations and full MS data with minimal sample preparation – typically a simple protein crash and quick spin filter before direct injection onto the device.

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Cell Lysate. Right here, right now.

Using ZipChip HS, metabolites are analyzed from raw cells, whole blood and a variety of other matrices with minimal prep, a common method and full MS data in under 3 minutes. Prep and background electrolyte are gentle on your lysates and gentle on your MS – confidence that your analysis is reliable and matches the state of the cells.


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