Powerful Small Molecule Analysis

The detection and quantification of metabolites is key to understanding the basic functionality of living systems. Spanning fundamental discovery, drug development, research into health and nutrition, and biomarkers for disease states, Mass Spectrometry is the key tool of the modern life scientist. With ZipChip as a front-end liquid separation and electrospray ionization source, users dramatically increase throughput and metabolite analysis capabilities of their Mass Spectrometer. Unlike liquid chromatography, ZipChip does not depend on the retention of analytes on a stationary phase – a single ZipChip method can analyze a wide range of metabolites regardless of their size or polarity.

Get Metabolite Answers. Fast.

Using ZipChip HS, full Amino Acid profiles and the majority of metabolites are directly measured in less than 3 minutes, from most bio matrices and with minimal sample preparation. Integration of all functional elements in a single device, eliminates the dead volume that handicaps other nanoflow separations and gives ZipChip the highest possible separation efficiency in the shortest possible time.

Empowering Traditional Mass Spec

ZipChip™ uses integrated microfluidic technology to prepare, separate and electrospray biological samples directly into traditional mass spectrometers (MS).

In less than 3 minutes per sample, the cost-effective ZipChip analyzes a broad range of matrices from growth media to cell lysates, blood, plasma, urine and biopharma products. ZipChip delivers answers on analytes from small molecules and peptides up to intact proteins, antibodies and antibody drug conjugates; providing better separation quality than most liquid chromatography instruments — in a fraction of the time — all with full MS identification behind every separations peak. The ZipChip interface simply mounts onto your mass spectrometer for seamless integration with existing data collection and processing.

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