Unique ADC Insight

Characterizing antibody drug conjugates, or ADCs, is critical and fraught with challenges due to their inherent complexity. Antibodies exist in complex populations due to posttranslational modifications and degradation during expression, processing and storage. ADCs have an additional layer of complexity due to differences in their drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR) brought about by the conjugation process. Different pharmacokinetic properties associated with each variant typically make the DAR and distribution critical quality attributes in manufacturing. Mass Spectrometry is ideal for unique identification of variants, but requires pre-separation to simplify the data for analysis. Historical ADC separation techniques are incompatible with MS as they require high salt content.

ADC Analysis. Fast.

ZipChip is ideal for ADC analysis and gives favorable results to imaging CE (iCE). ZipChips integrate both separation and electrospray ionization into your mass spec – near-native intact ADC variants with a full mass spectrum behind every peak! With ZipChip HR, ADCs require no sample prep and analysis is complete in 3 minutes.

Empowering Traditional Mass Spec

ZipChip™ uses integrated microfluidic technology to prepare, separate and electrospray biological samples directly into traditional mass spectrometers (MS).

In less than 3 minutes per sample, the cost-effective ZipChip analyzes a broad range of matrices from growth media to cell lysates, blood, plasma, urine and biopharma products. ZipChip delivers answers on analytes from small molecules and peptides up to intact proteins, antibodies and antibody drug conjugates; providing better separation quality than most liquid chromatography instruments — in a fraction of the time — all with full MS identification behind every separations peak. The ZipChip interface simply mounts onto your mass spectrometer for seamless integration with existing data collection and processing.

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